ABOUT ME - Bill Christ Photography

I am from Staunton, Virginia where growing up I saw my mom painting wonderful scenes and I always liked her creations. I didn't pick up a paint brush but I did pick up a camera and became a shutterbug. My mom's taught me about light and shadows but at the time I was still just taking snap shots. Years later, I went to an art fair and saw a photograph that just blew me away. I thought about that photograph all night and the next day I purchased it. I struck up a conversation with Jim Mowbray, the photographer of the picture, and freelly talked about photography and how he shot. It was that moment that made me want to become serious about photography. I spent the next 12 years photographing landscapes and nature. I traveled around the Mid-Atlantic capturing on film the beautiful land. 1997, I attended a convention in Phoenix, AZ and went out a few days earlier to photograph the Grand Canyon and Sedona. I instantly fell in love with Sedona. I came back and vacationed in Sedona a couple of times. Finally I moved to Phoenix in October of 2001. I continued shooting landscapes and nature until I started making the transition to photographing people in November of 2008. I had alway been fancinated by faces. So now I shoot portraits, models, and fashion. 

After much soul searching in September of 2016, I decided to move back to Staunton to pursue my photography in the areas of landscapes, architecture, and people.  I love being back home and rediscovering both old and new areas.

Along the journey I started out with film and made the transition to digital a few years ago. I took a big step and upgraded my equipment in 2009, by moving up to Canon's 5DII with L Series lens. I love that camera and my L lens. The passion is what drives me and I love to learn new things along the way. When I get behind a camera, I forget about every thing else! I hope that when you view my pictures you will have a simuliar experience!


Bill Christ



Staunton, VA